ProREZ Cementitious Urethane Systems

ProKrete cementitious urethane systems are not only safe, compliant, and hygienic, they offer superior flow & leveling (SL), as well as ease and workability when troweled (HD) or rake and troweled (RT, RTB). Whether self-leveling (SL, SLB) or trowel-applied (HD/RT, RTB), they provide excellent working time and quicker return to service. These high performance, seamless, resurfacing materials combine the strength of concrete, urethane, and urea for the most durable, versatile, reliable, and self-priming functional flooring system in their class.

ProKrete SL is a 1/16”-3/16” self-leveling & self-smoothing cementitious urethane flooring system. ProKrete SL is a solid color (universal colorants), matte finish system.

ProKrete SLB is a 1/8” – 1/4” solid colored (universal colorants) cementitious urethane flooring system broadcasted with natural quartz aggregates.

ProKrete SLQ & SLF Hybrids are 3/16”-1/4” decorative quartz or flake broadcasted cementitious urethane systems. ProKrete SLQ is applied using blended colored quartz aggregate and SLF with blended polymer flakes.

ProKrete HD is a 1/4”-3/8” heavy duty, trowel-applied monolithic (single application) system. ProKrete RT is a rake & trowel version of this heavy-duty resurfacer. ProKrete RTB uses the rake & trowel base, with a broadcast using natural silica quartz aggregate.

FlexKrete SLF is a 1/8”-1/4” flexible, self-leveling, cementitious urethane broadcast resurfacing system using decorative polymer flakes.

ProCove UC-Mortar is a trowel-applied vertical resurfacing material installed at 4″, 6″, or 8″ to create a hygienic interface between the floor and wall.