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The ProREZ Advantage…

The ProREZ Advantage

The ProREZ Advantage –

Contractor Training – On the 4th of March, ProREZ completed a 2 part comprehensive training program with Durable Surfaces in Malvern PA. The project managers, estimators and sales team were brought together for a daylong interactive instruction program that’s part of our ongoing “Contractor’s Training Program”. The format we use encourages an open dialogue and conversation about materials, systems, and their application both generally and specifically to the Contractor’s current and prospective projects. During our instructional program, we also had a chance to review and break down a current project that presented many challenges in need of improvement. Together with the Durable Surfaces team, we were able to clearly identify the problem areas, and consequently develop constructive ways to correct them. Throughout the day, Marc, Jeff and his team fostered a welcoming, supportive, and enriching atmosphere that brought palpable value to all in attendance. We truly look forward to cultivating an ongoing relationship with Durable Surfaces.

The ProREZ “Contractor Training” program is designed to elevate the level of the participant’s knowledge in two general areas of Resinous Flooring:

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: This course focuses on helping to educate Project Managers, Estimators and Sales Teams on such things as the properties of concrete, the testing and evaluation of moisture-laden concrete and contaminated flooring slabs, as well as, the importance of assessing job sites and recognizing potential situations or issues before the project even starts.

In addition, understanding Products & Systems and how they relate to the process of specifying the correct material for diverse settings with unique conditions and exposures. Evaluating “crew size” and “productivity rates” for each system. Managing customer expectations, projected timelines, environmental concerns, among other factors and considerations necessary to properly evaluate, specify and price future projects.

INSTALLATION: As a multi-faceted training program, this portion of the course draws in the company’s own experience, knowledge, and areas in need of improvement. Phase 1 covers product and system application including the necessary tooling, spread rates, and general product awareness.

Phase 2 is more focused on specific areas of installation that the company is looking to become more proficient in… For example, installing cove base, trowel-down systems, pitching & sloping floors, etc. This aspect of our program is best performed on a job site with “real world” conditions and variables requiring proper identification and methods to address them. We strongly believe that our training classes need to bring more practical value to the contractors if they are going to genuinely help them to grow their businesses. By simply promoting a product, the manufacturer tends to lack real tangible value to the contractor who may require greater knowledge and confidence with the products and systems they look to install… today and tomorrow.

Phase 3 covers other supporting items such as “what to bring to the site”, and how to reduce the unnecessary and costly trips to the local Home Depot, etc,.. How about tips for the general loading of a trailer or truck in preparation of the day’s project… and once at the site, the importance of organizing the work area, including the mix station, individual responsibilities of the applicators, safe and efficient application protocol, as well as good housekeeping both during and after the project has been completed.