ProREZ Industrial Coating Systems

ProREZ seamless industrial coating and resurfacing systems provide long service-life coupled with low life-cycle costs. They are highly durable, hard-wearing, versatile, and customizable for finish, texture, color and performance.

ProSeal CS is a low odor, clear sealing system designed to protect and enhance the appearance of architectural concrete, decorative polymer concrete, stamped overlays, as well as protective treatments for warehouses and storage facilities.

ProShield SC-100 is an ultra-high solids, pigmented (universal colorants), high performance, chemical resistant industrial and commercial coating system. It’s both practical and economical offering good versatility in seamless floor protection.

ProShield SL (60 or 100 mil) systems are ultra-high solids, pigmented (universal colorants), higher build resurfacers for industrial and commercial settings.

ProShield SF (Shop Floor) 1/16” – 3/16” single, double, or slurry broadcast, solid color (universal colorants), non-skid, and highly durable resurfacing systems.

ProShield MR (Mechanical Room) is a single, double, or slurry broadcast, solid color (universal colorants) resurfacing material from 1/8”-1/4”, with the added benefit of a high-build elastomeric (waterproof) membrane system.

ProCove E-Mortar is a vertical, trowel-applied resurfacing material installed at 4″, 6″, or 8″ to create a hygienic interface between the floor and wall.