ProREZ Decorative Coating Systems

ProREZ decorative seamless coating and resurfacing systems join form and function as they are stylish, hard-wearing, long-lasting, with low life-cycle costs. They are versatile and customizable for color blends and patterns, texture, and performance.

ProQuartz is a 1/16” – 3/16” single, double, or slurry broadcast resurfacing system, with decorative colored quartz aggregates- standard and customized blends- in both 40 and 25 mesh sizes for varying non-slip resistance.

ProFlake is a 1/16” -3/16” single or double broadcast resurfacing system, with decorative polymer or mica flakes. ProFlake systems are “poured-in-place” flooring applications that incorporate a plethora of standard or custom blended flake options.

ProLumina is a designer series floor coating that combines 100% solids epoxy with special light-reactive pigments to create a highly stylish, decorative, and hard wearing finish.

ProCove E-Mortar is a vertical, trowel-applied resurfacing material installed at 4″, 6″, or 8″ to create a hygienic interface between the floor and wall.