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Cementitious Urethane

Hero Image - ProShield SF System Barn Floor

ProKrete cementitious urethane (CU) products have been researched and developed for nearly three decades of hands on experience with both installer and end-user. This ProREZ CU product line offers better flow, leveling, longer working time, and quicker return to service when compared to other urethane cement systems in today’s market. Cementitious urethane has been time-tested to outperform the traditional epoxy mortar system. It combines the strength of concrete, urethane, and urea for the most durable, versatile, reliable, and self-priming functional flooring system in its class.

ProKrete System

ProKrete System is a low odor, zero VOC, 3-component, pigmented cementitious urethane. It provides variable thickness ranging from a roller-applied thin set of 5 mils up to a 1/2" finished trowelable system. ProKrete is designed to withstand aggressive chemical and thermal attack thus providing superior functionality and longevity when properly applied. Reference technical data sheet for more information.

ProKrete CM

ProCrete CM is a low odor, 3-component, urethane concrete mortar used for cove base applications in place of regular epoxy-based materials. This trowel-applied mortar provides an excellent base material, and is especially well suited for al food and beverage environments where damp or high moisture levels in the substrate are typically present. Reference technical data sheet for more information.