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Featured Project: Zero Gravity Brewery

Zero Gravity Brewery

Danek Flooring Inc. is located in western Massachusetts. This young, hardworking, and dedicated seamless floor contracting company was established in 2013 and services a wide array of commercial, industrial, and residential clients primarily in the New England area. Danek Flooring offers a broad range of applications such as industrial resinous flooring, concrete polishing, staining, decorative concrete overlayments, as well as mechanical surface preparation, flooring removal, and moisture mitigation systems.

The Zero Gravity Brewery, located in Burlington, Vermont was a 4-day, fast-track project encompassing a second phase of production area. The initial brewery production area included some 2,800 s.f. of floor area, with 200 linear feet of 4″ integral cove base. In-place for about two years, the ProREZ ProKrete SLQ system is performing very well under some challenging exposures typical of a brewery production area. The second phase entailed some 3,100 s.f. of area. Prior to installing the ProREZ ProKrete SLQ system, there was some perimeter pitching off the wall in order to seamlessly transition into the existing slope of the concrete floor. Other preparatory flooring details included 500 l.f. of fiberglass reinforced control joints and 160 l.f. of 4″ integral cove base. The SLQ resurfacer was delivered on schedule, with a quality, high-performance finish.

A great job for a very hardworking and skilled crew! Danek Flooring is a fine complement to the ProREZ team.

Photos were provided by Danek Flooring Inc.