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Featured Project: Travelers Insurance Claim University

Finished_Travelers U flooring

Featured Project: Travelers Insurance Claim University


Engineered Coatings, Inc. has been a go-to in the industrial floor coating industry spanning over 50 years in the Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, Southern Rhode Island, and Westchester County New York marketplaces. They specialize in resinous floor coating systems including epoxies, urethanes, polyaspartics, cementitious urethanes, etc. Engineered Coatings, Inc. is a favored choice for a variety of environments from all types of commercial and manufacturing spaces to food & beverage processing to schools, healthcare, medical, and warehouse settings.


The Travelers Insurance Claim University located in Windsor, CT is the company’s flagship location for professional development and leadership training of their employees. The area contains a risk control lab, encompassing a total of 20,000 sq ft.

This included elevated moisture vapor emission rates, as well as significant concentrations of inorganic (i.e. water-soluble salts) and organic (i.e. petroleum-based oils & grease) contaminants.

As a result, a conventional topside, epoxy-based moisture mitigating primer system would more than likely not have performed with the aforementioned conditions, even with more aggressive forms of mechanical surface preparation.

Following a careful review of the concrete substrate and a number of site samples, ProREZ and its certified installer, Engineered Coatings, chose to install a two layer application of the ProKrete SLB system. Prior to applying the ProKrete SLB system as a mitigating and isolation barrier to the concrete abnormalities, Engineered Coatings aggressively prepared the concrete surface areas using a double shot-blast method, which met or exceeded a level 5 CSP (per ICRI surface profile standard). ProKrete HD/RT was used for deep fill repairs from previously removed machinery to create a smooth and level surface.

Travelers Insurance Claims University main photo - repair     side-by-side comparison

The ProKrete SLB was then applied at a nominal thickness of 3/8”, followed by the application of the specified decorative ProFlake system. To add to the visual appeal, Cove Base was included for this project. ProKrete HD/RT was also used for deep fill repairs from previously removed machinery to create a smooth and level surface.


The new ProREZ flooring system has allowed for an attractive and professional looking floor that will maintain its integrity for years to come. It was a perfect choice for the area due to its chemical and stain resistance, and durability in high foot traffic.