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Featured Project: 3,000 sqft Garage Floor


Mike Osgood, owner of ProREZ Southeast, and his crew at DiamondKote Resurfacing completed this gorgeous floor for a private residential garage. DiamondKote has been in the concrete restoration, resurfacing and design business for over two decades, and specializes in the application of acrylic concrete, epoxies and polymer floor systems.


This garage covers a total of 3,000 sq ft, and will be used for the storage of multiple tractors and vehicles. This project, installation of a ProShield SF System flooring, occurred over the course of 4 days, with a total floor thickness of 50 mils.

Beautiful, heavy-duty, 3,000 sqft garage floor
Beautiful, heavy-duty, 3,000 sqft garage floor


Day 1 was the prep day with a 4 person crew, which included using 30 grit soft bond diamonds. The edging was completed with 7” and 4” Harbor Freight hand grinders, with diamond cup wheels and smaller vacuums. As a standard practice, a decorative roller saw was utilized to cut straight keyways at the garage entrance. These are 1/8” deep and were cut right at the inside edge of the overhead door gasket to allow the doors to shut after each application. This permits the resin to roll into the keyway to create a 3 dimensional lock at the termination, preventing shear forces from peeling the edge up on the epoxy system.


The second day consisted of a 10 mil base coat of ProPoxy-S applied using notched squeegees, followed by cross roll and then finish roll with an 18” wide quality “non shed” roller cover. ProPoxy S is a 100% solids and 3:1 mix ratio product that provides a versatile epoxy coating which can be used as a primer, binder, and grout coat. It balances working and cure time thus making ProPoxy a strong choice for the demands of this durable floor. A 4075 (40 mesh) sand broadcast was then applied into the wet epoxy within 30 minutes.


The next day focused on preventing any surface imperfections. A complete sweep and vacuum of the area occurred prior to an additional layer of the ProPoxy-S colored in Medium Gray, being applied with stiff white flat squeegees at a spread rate of about 100sf/gallon.

Medium Grey color
A medium gray color was chosen to brighten up the space.


The final day required only a 2 person crew. To create a glossy and high-performance finish, a final topcoat of ProThane, also colored in medium gray, was applied using a ¼” nap roller using a “Dip & Roll” method from a paint tray. No additional prep was needed since the urethane was applied within a 24 hour window.