About ProREZ

When we first had the idea to start a manufacturing business we were hard working installers who were very concerned about the growing disconnect between ourselves and the manufacturers serving us as contractors. Declining sales leads, product innovation, and technical service left us feeling rather unattended and unimportant to the shifting corporate business model. With this change in relationship and value, ProREZ Performance Resins & Coatings was born out of the passionate intent shared by a small group of former installers who envisioned and created a manufacturing business that placed the contractor at the core of its product line.

Every step of the way, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs that our most important asset is you, the installer. Whether you’re already a customer, or reading this introduction to our company for the first time, we believe that our evolution will be continual. We will always be striving to provide unwavering service, trustworthy, high performance materials and systems that will elevate you, our customers, above the competition.

All of our products are thoughtfully designed by experienced chemists and technicians, while contractors, just like you, perform countless trials of lab-to-slab testing and re-testing for optimal results. We simply manufacture what is contractor tested & approved prior to releasing into the marketplace.

ProREZ Performance Resins & Coatings draws from solid, reliable, and innovative technologies to create a tight, efficient, and versatile product line that’s easy to install and competitively priced to grow your business.

It’s never been our intention to flood the market with our products, but we believe that working with the right installers and providing valuable solutions will make your job a little easier and your contracting business more profitable.

Contractor Tested and Approved

ProREZ performance floor coatings are crafted by contractors, for contractors.